Brandon & Molly ~ An Engagement Session

November 12, 2014

I absolutely love people that are warm and genuine, it makes me feel safe and free.  Brandon and Molly are natural, kind, understanding and sweet; separately, but even more so together.  I instantly loved them, and feel so thankful to have met them during this special time in their lives.  Recently, I shot their engagement session at Brandon's family ranch in Petaluma, and it gave me great insight on their personalities and interests.  Brandon was raised on the ranch by his hardworking and loving grandparents, who raised him with strong ethics and a kind heart.  When his grandfather passed away this past July, they decided to have their engagement photos and the wedding all at the ranch, to honor his memory.  Our session was broken in two (because of my own technical difficulties-- thanks again for understanding guys!) but I was thrilled to come back and finish with a golden sunset that seriously blew my mind!!  I'm in awe of their photos and feel honored to share.

Molly described the first time she met Brandon (while buying hay at the feed store where Brandon worked) as being so unglamorous-- she had rolled out of bed, thrown on some clothes and driven to the store without thinking much about it, but as soon as this handsome fella started helping her load her truck, she began feeling aware and a little embarassed of her low-key look.  Little did she know, Brandon couldn't cared less about her relaxed appearance-- because he was falling hard for her and her natural beauty (that seriously radiates from the inside out!)

I had so much fun with them...  I watched in amazement at how Brandon gazes at Molly with so much love and admiration, and I enjoyed watching Molly soak up his love with so much appreciation.  They are a match made in heaven, and I'm so excited so shoot their wedding next May!

Molly and Brandon, thank you again for a lovely time.  I hope these photos do justice showing how brilliant and beautiful you both are. xoxo