Bartholomew Park Picnic with the *Extended* Soukup Family

April 17, 2014

When I think back to high school, there's one face in particular that stands out as the most bubbly, happy-go-lucky, beautiful person I encountered...  and that would be my sweet friend, Kendra.  She was always smiling, always chatty, always making people feel good...  and everyone loved her.  Flash forward 10 years, add a sweet husband (Ernesto-- who I've known since elementary school and love to pieces as well!) and two adorable kids, and you get a more mature version of Kendra, but a version that still has that vest for life and bounce in her step.  I think she's pretty amazing, and feel lucky to call her my friend :)

Kendra got a hold of me a few weeks ago to see if I could photograph her entire extended family for their planned picnic at Bartholomew Park in Sonoma, and of course I said yes.  I knew we'd have a fun day-- anyone related to Kendra must be pretty awesome; and I was so right!

I arrived at Bartholomew Park on a beautiful Spring morning, and was immediately welcomed in the warmest fashion by her entire family.  I can see where Kendra picked up that natural radiating happiness, because it also resides in each one of her family members; especially in her parents, who you can tell are the glue that holds the entire family together.  They're all so close and sweet with one another, it's truly admirable... and talk about one good looking family!  They are all so beautiful inside and out, which makes my job so easy!

We spent the day doing family portraits and taking candids of their picnic and fun...  and I left feeling like my energy level raised 10 levels higher; this family will most definitely rub off on anyone in that way.  Just looking at these photos might have the same effect...  just take a look and notice that smile grow across your face! :)

Thanks again for an amazing day, Soukup family!