Envolve Winery ~ Alex and Natalya

May 16, 2014

Yesterday, I posted a blog about my Friday night with Alex and Natalya at Suite D.  Today, I'm sharing night two that took place at Envolve Winery in Sonoma...

Even more of Natalya and Alex's friends and family joined us for Saturday night's gathering at the swanky tasting room in downtown Sonoma...  and they came ready to party!  The place was packed to the brim, and happy energy overflowed from the building.  Although the winery had a great selection of wines, they also hosted a vodka bar in the back room that was a huge hit.

I had a great time capturing the vibes of the party...  but the highlight of my night was being escorted by Alex's mom around the event to meet everyone.  I loved hearing about how she met each person, and how long it had been since they've seen each other...  she was seriously the sweetest lady ever <3

The party never stopped... everyone just kept coming in and having a great time!  It was amazing and it made me smile to know that Alex and Natalya were surrounded by people who truly loved them and wanted to celebrate to the fullest.

I'm sure their wedding at Jacuzzi Winery that Sunday was beautiful and SO much fun!  With that much support from family and friends, their relationship is sure to soar...


Many blessings Alex and Natalya, and thanks again for having me capture all the fun!