The Hiller Family

May 29, 2014

Back in February, I ran a contest on my Facebook page for a free shoot which I called "The Love Session" and I was so excited when I pulled Jenny Hiller's name from my hat!  I've known Jenny for over 10 years, because her younger sister and I were best friends throughout both middle and high school.

Jenny and James Hiller are wonderful parents to their cuties, Claire and Calvin.  We had our session at the beautiful Jack London State Park in Glen Ellen, and the entire family were super troopers for walking all around the park with me to find interesting spots for portraits!

One special moment (that I wasn't expecting but totally made my heart burst) was when the family pulled out a heart-shaped stone, which Calvin immediately began snuggling and kissing.  Calvin was a twin, but around 30 weeks, his twin received his angel wings; as hard as this was on the family, they supported one another and still celebrate their love for their sweet angel.  Jenny and James told me that Calvin holds the heart urn all the time, as if he's still connected to his twin brother.  I thought that was pretty amazing <3

Thank you Hiller Family for your support and I hope these photos also hold a special place in your hearts!