Newborn Session with the Alva Family

June 19, 2014

I don't photograph too many newborn sessions these days but every time I get to, baby fever runs high!!  There are few things sweeter than the small, soft, innocence of a baby; little bundles of hopes and promises for our future...

Babies bring out the best in everyone.  I've had two kids of my own, and I remember the excitement and all the feelings that surround being a new parent.  It's mind-blowing what we learn from our children, as well as learn about ourselves; the most astonishing aspect for me, was realizing that the love pouring out of me for my kids was endless-- there's absolutely no capacity point, absolutely nothing you wouldn't do for them.  Love is bigger than life.

I recognized the same feeling pouring out of Ben and Ashley, as they gazed upon their beautiful little creation, Lincoln.  It made me so happy to see the bonds of their family growing, especially since I've known Ben and Ashley for some time and know their love story personally.  I can already see that they make amazing parents, and I'm excited for them to experience all of the adventures that come with parenthood.

For our session, we met at one of my favorite locations (Quarryhill Gardens) in Glen Ellen, which was quiet and private-- ideal for a newborn babe.  He only fussed a little when we were messing around with the photo props, but calmed immediately when Ashley held and rocked him in her arms.  Comfort, trust, love...  and once again he was so happy!

Ben and Ashley know exactly how to nurture their little one, and I know that he is sure to grow & bloom into an amazing man someday!