Lonnie & Birgitte ~ An Engagement Session

July 23, 2014

I'm so happy to share these photos today, because every time I look at them I smile :)

Lonnie and Birgitte are not only a beautiful couple inside and out, but they're also really amazing friends to my husband, Gabe, and I.  Lonnie and Gabe served in the Marine Corps together and have maintained a strong bond over time and distance; I'm thankful because I've gotten to know Lonnie and Birgitte pretty well and feel as though they're an essential part of our lives!

We're thrilled to watch them tie the knot this upcoming October...  They're getting married in the backyard of Birgitte's beautiful childhood home, and from what I've heard, every little detail is going to be meaningful yet simple; heartfelt yet fun.  Gabe is even officiating their ceremony (a first for him, and he's a bundle of nerves... but I know he'll do great!) and our daughter Faith is going to be one of their flower girls!  I absolutely can't wait to witness their marriage, and be a part of their big day <3

As a special gift to them, I decided to take their engagement photos as a keepsake for this special time in their lives.  We met them at their home in Chico and drove to Bidwell Park with their two adorable dogs, Sadie and Freyja.  The evening was warm and cozy, we even took a dip in the river and played catch with the pups before heading back to their place to catch up on stories and enjoy their sweet company.

Lonnie and Birgitte~ I'm so happy for you both and thankful to have you in our lives!  I hope you enjoy this little preview and can't wait to see you both soon! xo