2014: Thanks for the Memories!

January 03, 2015

A new year has arrived, and as we're diving further into the Winter season, it's a time for reflection and intention.

As I personally look back on 2014, I remember my thoughts and feelings this time, last year.  I was in a stagnant period, wondering if I had the drive to push my business forward and to actually manifest my goals.  I decided to go for it, but laid out baby steps in order to gain the confidence I lacked.  I promised myself that 2014 would be the year I submitted to publishers.  I made a decision to continue my degree in photography.  I told myself I would travel, and take a workshop.  All of this, I accomplished... but it didn't happen overnight.

I had my doubts and fears-- plus a super slow internet that made my working ability nearly impossible.  But I decided that those things were minor obstacles that wouldn't prevent me from reaching my goals.

I pushed myself to reach out to my community, to meet wedding professionals and make connections that would benefit all of us.  I pushed myself to sign up for a wedding fair, and put together my own booth (with basically no clue how to style it!) but I did, and my confidence began to grow...

I built connections with clients and worked with a new perspective.  I began getting back images that really spoke to me, and represented my vision of my business.  I signed up for Two Bright Lights and (although it took me until the end of the year) I finally submitted a couple albums... and got published under MY name for the first time (although I've technically been published before, as a second shooter, I was never credited)  so it felt fantastic to get that notch on my belt!

I took a trip with my sweet friend and mentor, Megan Clouse, down to Carmel & Monterey for a gorgeous styled shoot and workshop with an amazing team of wedding professionals.  It tested me in ways I didn't expect, and also taught me skills that pushed me to a new level of professionalism.

I came back to the Sierra Foothills and an amazing opportunity presented itself.  Roots Reclaimed opened a studio in the heart of Grass Valley, and I became one of their first wedding vendors to sign up to use their space for client meetings, photo shoots and work space (with FAST internet- which instantly made my life 100x easier!)  Having my own place to work, aside from my home, gave me the confidence and power to take my business even higher.

Because of these life changing events, I met amazing clients who became friends, witnessed some amazing real-life moments (like photographing my friend's baby girl, who was born 2 months early...  doing my first "Trash the Dress" session at the beautiful Yuba River.... and also photographed *two* same-sex weddings, which I was so proud and honored to support!) and made connections with wedding professionals that opened doors for all of us...  back in October, I even helped style and shoot my first styled wedding alongside my friend Erica (those photos are in the process of being published, and I'm so anxious to share them!)

Because of these experiences and accomplishments, I'm looking at 2015 with an unstoppable mind frame and have absolutely no doubt that this will be my year to truly shine.  I'm over the hump, I'm over the fears and doubts, and I've grown past the baby steps...  I'm now running, full speed ahead and nothing can stop me...

2015, I'm here and I'm ready for you.


PS-- special thanks to Lydia Photography for the business headshots, and Megan Clouse for the "behind the scene" photographs.