Good Day Sacramento!

February 11, 2015

Well HELLO!  No, I didn't drop off the earth...  I'm still alive and I'm kickin' baby!!  It's been a great year so far, and I have lots to share with everyone...  I'll try to make it as short and sweet as possible, but when I start writing I can't make any promises! ;)

January and February is typically a slow period for wedding photographers, but it's also a nice time to tie up loose ends, and prepare for the busy year ahead; at least, that's certainly been the case with me!  It's been refreshing fixing up my website a little bit, getting my marketing going, and even photographing a few styled shoots with the lovely Erica Henderson from Tin Roof Farmhouse (we can't wait to share soon!!)  I've also been preparing for taxes (yuck), meeting with clients (you guys are going to LOVE my couples this year-- I have some FUN weddings ahead!!!), and... (drum roll please)

Appearing on Good Day Sacramento with my incredibly talented friends from Roots Reclaimed Vintage Rentals and their other Collective vendors!!  Yes, you heard me right...  I was literally on TV today, live on the air, and it was AWESOME!!!!!  Can you tell I'm still just a little giddy?!  Well, NOW I am...   but before and during my interview, I gotta admit I was feeling out-of-my-skin and soooo nervous.  But, I made it.  WHEW!

So, how did I get the chance to be interviewed on Good Day Sacramento?  Roots Reclaimed and their Collective Studio was asked to be featured on the CBS station for Good Day Sacramento's wedding special, so all of us vendors decided to crash the party ;)  Actually-- they asked us to come, and I was delighted!  I wasn't expecting to be interviewed (although I knew it was a possibility-- yes, I admit I even practiced how I'd stand in front of the camera, which became completely useless because I forgot my moves as soon as the spotlight was on me!) but when Cambi Brown (the seriously warm and sweet news anchor) asked if I could talk about the photography business, I happily agreed!

We arrived suuuuper early this morning to prepare, the the studio looked AMAZING.  Nicole Wright and Beth Lowetz (studio owners) outdid themselves once again, and decked out the entire warehouse, studio and hair/makeup counter in different themes.  Some of my older photos on canvas were hung around the studio in unique ways (I always get inspired by Nicole and Beth's killer styling skills).  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take photos of all the vignettes but you can see more on the video preview at the end of this post.

I LOVED this Valentine's sweetheart table setup...

And I got so excited when they started shooting in the warehouse, I couldn't help but take some photos through the glass door...  which actually turned out kinda cool I thought :)

I loved watching how Cambi and her cameraman worked (I wanted to be a news anchor for a short period in High School).  They have some down time in between commercials, but once they're on they are really ON.  I loved how vibrant and silly Cambi was... she was just as fun off camera, a true TV personality.  She joked with us, and tried to make us feel comfortable and prepared (thank you Cambi!!)  During filming, she only had so much time so her questions were to the point, and she moved fast.  During my interview, I tried to get my website address in there but she had to move on because her producers were pressuring her, but hey it was cool.  I felt a little awkward, but at least I have some awesome new Instagram followers!

Tomorrow happens to be Cambi's birthday, so before they took off, we presented her a cake and made a hashtag:  #happybirthdaycambi

I think she loves us! ;)


I had such a great time today...  it was a long, stressful, awkward, nerve-wracking day BUT it was also one of the best I've had in a long time.  Thank you Roots Reclaimed and Good Day Sacramento for the amazing opportunity!!  I will never forget it :)